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Website innovation and collaboration

Website innovation start from team collaboration putting all together in a brain storm mind mapping. Innovation comes from the desire to changed for best quality head start moving ahead in trends of time. Innovation see vision of improvement as a change to grow the ladder of success in business. Example of corporate company toshiba motto says “Leader in innovation” . The room of improvement has no limitation for the creative imagination. The blue chips global leader in Google has expand innovation daily collaborating with the highest intelligence people working together in one goal to innovate the website intelligences.

Website innovation will always be innovated to speed up the time performance in the higher ends of results. The problem of innovation end users have hard time understanding the new add on feautures. The problem of to much functionality of the website endup confusion if their is no proper training . Weekly , monthly or yearly training are needed so new concept of change and trends are accepted with in 2years or even more.

For example the google apps or what we called google applications are so big in functionality that the end users have hard time understanding the applications. They are confuse which application that is really suited in the daily needs. If you are developer you have to give time in consulting the needs of your clients same as the doctor before you can find the best solution. The problem of developer is luck of social skills to enhance the training materials to the clients.


I have seen theĀ  google vision in finding a solution for the developers they give reseller accounts to the qualified developers and leaders who are qualified to provide solutions. This solutions are consulting , training and support to expand google highly intelligence technologies.


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