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Website is decline in ranking

Your website is decline by google if you don’t add new content daily since google intelligences is to fast and to smart to analysis in knowing the statistics your website. Most of the search globally are powered by google. One way to have a good ranking is to have your own ip address most of the website that are running are shared hosting because it is affordable. But when your website mutate to another level it is best to invest on vps hosting rather than shared hosting.  Always make a plan before you update since vps will cost more money but the quality of services and tools are more advance  rather than just stick on shared hosting. As your knowledge increase your appitite of having a quality hosting give your satisfaction rather than just using the minimum account called the shared hosting. When you plan to update your website hardware technology get VPS because dedicated IP is already included on the plan. Read the  hosting plan carefully because each company has different services plan categories.
Again never copy and paste content rather give time to edit add on your original thoughts in the content. Original has a better ranking. If you are scared your content are copied by thousands of readers used software tynt this will allow you to know who are coping your content. Again their are thousands of tools that will give you protection for your hard work original contents.
Website that are not maintained always decline in ranking since the information age are moving rapidly in time. Google only give rights and authority in top level in  google ranking for the people who contribute quality original contents. If you see your website on decline in ranking it is because you never give time to add new contents. The solution is find a writers in headstartcms or odesk if you are lazy to right. We have writers ready to help you depending on your level of budgets.

Remember: Google only give rights and authority in top level who contribute quality original contents


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