Website project using Symfony Components Website project using Symfony Components

Website project using Symfony Components

Leveraging is script and understanding innovate your performance.

Symfony Components

Symfony Components are a set of decoupled and reusable PHP libraries. Battle-tested in thousands of projects and downloaded billions of times, they’ve become the standard foundation on which the best PHP applications are built on. You can use any of these components in your own applications independently from the Symfony Framework.sources:



A university or college degree in computer science, IT, technology or equivalent, plus 2-5 years experience with working knowledge of:

Design – HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS 3
Scripting – Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS, Node js
Coding – Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP
CMS – Drupal, WordPress or similar
Frameworks and Libraries – Symfony or similar, Bootstrap or similar
Database Expertise – MySQL,MongoDB
Version Control – Git, Bitbucket or similar
Basic SEO knowledge