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Websites powerful terms and conditions

Webdesign , webdevelopment , ecommerces and several application in the web needs website terms of agreement to keep both parties protected. Most of the people who use free accounts without reading with understanding the terms and conditions. Example google, facebook , twitter , yahoo , linkin and several other dominant providers in the web are protected in their terms of agreement that protects them constantly to keep the company strong and stable.


They inform the users that terms and condition are always subject to any changes. This means we always protect our company from any liability that try to attack our website assets. Business are protected with paper assets to keep the  business running in long term perspective. Most of attacks are done in paper assets all lawyers knows this because they can make fortune legally.  Example before who was attack legally was google &  facebook because the company was moving rapidly into powerful level globally.

Corporate companies are too fast and smart to change constantly  the terms and conditions giving them all the advantages to strengthen the company. If all corporate companies are doing this practices then small business should operation this ways . Example of powerful corporate company that was form was the run by top Forbes in the world the website is still on the development process.

If you try to study the 5000 powerful websites in the world they are always protected with the paper assets created by smart lawyers to empower their own website assets when sudden attacks comes or unpredictable situation comes they are always protected.


Example why we need the terms and conditions is when we ask to the highest authorized person or admin  to transfer files from another hosting account. If it is transfer to another 3rd party then the information is on double trouble specially critical passwords are send.

Be at your best in web development many web developers are not optimizing their peak performance due to poor communication skills to their clients and luck of terms and condition that needs to be made before the project implementation when miscommunication comes in the future this will lead to failure  to deliver the projects on time which is a lousy developer.


Note: Business are protected with paper assets to keep the  business running in long term perspective.Terms and condition needs to be made before the project are implemented

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