Why i need to pay for my website monthly due in Cebu Philippines

Bad website clients never has monthly budget on their website only pay for the domain and webhosting yearly. Then they pay late and complain about the website ranking.

Yet the demands are so high.

1.)The questions is why my website is not in the google front page ?

2.) Why i don’t received daily calls to new clients ?

3.) This website is never useful at all and failed in my business.

4.)Why i cannot see all the search in my website ?

5.)Why your website development is not effective ?


The answer is where is the monthly budget for the website. If you are not feeding to the head of the development of your website then it will not move. The development of the website is consistent and daily bases. Without the daily , weekly and monthly budget the website cannot move because of luck of people working in your side. People who are working has their daily expense and needs budget for their daily life.


Website never grow when thier is no person working for the fresh contents , links to social media and the relevant of each content. Also search engine optimization and analysis must also be done for the traffic to flow in your website

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