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WordPress 3.8 is innovation to mobile experiences

WordPress is a powerful tool for blogs in your website but it go further into mobile ready to level-up the experiences for the users to write anywhere in their mobile as mobile is rapidly changing the world of real-time-experiences because it is handy yet powerful.

With the new innovation of the wordpress into 3.8 version i believed users can adopt easily because the changes of user interface is a big differences in color black theme. The update also consist of security level-up because opensources means for everyone but their is a measurement that need to press forward for the security since hacking one majority of threats in the website. WordPress is for everyone. For the end-users you need to follow the trends but make sure all your files are backup before making an updates. Some website will experiences bugs others will have a smooth transition during the updates. I suggest to know your website very well before you make changes of the versions because it is time cosuming if you can’t fix the bugs faster.

Again enjoy the elegant black design version of the wordpress 3.8.

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