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Yahoo Japan is hack by anonymous

The risk of trusting your data 100% from the blue chips company such as YAHOO may collapse all your data assets suddenly because of high traffic ranking giving the anonymous smart hackers to pass the gateway account as good user of deceptive .  High ranking and traffic in search engine is critical because nobody knows who is the anonymous smart hackers.

It has been reported recently 22 million Yahoo Japan users have had their user ID information stolen. ”  

We have witness 22 million YAHOO  JAPAN user stolen but the worse and destruction force of multiple anonymous are rising to power , control and authority . Collapsing the corporate blue chips to loss their highest respect of trust and loyalty. Any critical data access key that may leak down to the unauthorized person can infect to millions of end users into insecurity.


One day will come that HUMAN IP ADDRESS will be implanted or embed  as a Standard International Law legally to all human race so it will be easy to trace all the smart deceptive  anonymous hackers.

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