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Your website is a liability. No cashflow

The website that doesn’t make money is a liability to your investment.  You may have the best webdesign but if it doesn’t make money it is a liability expenses out of your pocket. When your website is born  for 1 year and no money coming inn. Then it is time to make a changes. This changes needs organizing the scope of your services and prodcts.

I have seen plenty of nice webdesign yet is a liability of the clients. Every year evaluate the website and ask the webdeveloper to strengthen the functionality of your website. This comes from the backend platform leading your a strong point of access to add more scripts but depending on your server capability. To much script may also crush your server into suspended account. I once experiences suspended account due to abusive of usage.

Question to ask:

1.) What can i do to improve my assets on my website?

2.) Do i nee to write ? Or hire an writer for daily update. This is addon expense if your website is not yet making money.


Domain name: Smart domain name lead you to traffic access to your domain. Poor domain leads you to liability of your time and effort. I also have seen expensive domain name being paid online due to positional search key or master key.


Why do people buy expensive domain name? They are best position for search query master access. With this you are on spot to be search with your unknown prospect


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