10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google 10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google
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10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google

First: You need to analyze the competition of the algorithmic query of other website competition. This means you need to get the core query of each content.



How can i move faster ahead of other website content

What query should i make to move ahead ?

What title do i need to write that influence the reader ?

What makes content great and bigger.


All of this are questions that runs in your mind.


Second: Never copy a content of other website. If you copy please use a notepad to filter the code of other website that you just copied. Remember to innovate the content in advance level when you copy a content this are called the copy editor experts.

Copied all content are known as the most toxic content for the google intelligence query to block you from search. It demotes you , block and even expel you to the search engine. Google search query has the most advanced level in all universe because the ability to replicate power to power in a split of seconds. This is called the search innovation of advancement.


Third: Connect to the readers who visit your website. Very important to use universal language when you talk to different readers. When your audience are engineers talk the language of engineers. When you audience are in medicine use medical language. When your audience are in sports use language that booster their interest. Always use language that booster their sense of emotion giving them that action to buy. The sense hearing giving them the sense to hear your podcast. The sense of the eyes showing them the best quality photos of your design art works.


Fourth: Information must be reliable and facts on trending information updates. Example of the trending updates that most people read is yahoo.com. At the left side of the yahoo you can read the information updated called TRENDING NOW. Read update on the trending information on the topic you want the readers to read. Original and smart writing is needed this requires skills. If you don’t have a writing skills you can hire a ghostwriter online example is using upwork.com before was named odesk.


Fifth: Get involve in social media campaign to get backlinks on your website. The more clicks on your website the better you are moving up in google index search. Social media such as facebook , youtube , linkedin , slider  , flickr , viber and many other social media move you more weblinks directory this give you more edge on your website index.


Remember the more clicks and the more links shared the more your search index move you ahead in google index.


Six: Buy your smart business domain name that are easy to remember and spell. I say smart domain name because you need to analyze the query search of your competition  before purchasing a purchase. Google prefered to index first domain name rather than subdomain. Domain name is the primary search for your content to be remember. You can buy in 1and1 using clicking  banner at the left side . Also you will be needing webhosting for your website using a reliable and scalable using a2hoting. Check at the left side of the banner. To increase your territory in the web  you need a dedicated ip address. Dedicated ip are sold in package when you buy dedicated webhosting which is more expensive that shared hosting.

Seven: Google intelligence are dynamic algorithm changes it uses to rank websites in search results. Get all the elements to continue to make adjustments if you are not found in first page in google.

Eight: Be smart to put only high relevant quality content to increases your rankings. Never copy and paste a content.

Nine: Creates a better user experience for your customers so they enjoy reading such as images , video , podcast , social media and many more. Get all the human sense to get then on action of click your website.

Ten: Creates a better user experience for your customers to enjoy the flow of your website such as txt sizes. Podcasting and video action camera.


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