15 ways to improve my seo for my website 15 ways to improve my seo for my website
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15 ways to improve my seo for my website

The best way to improve your website online is to constantly search, study and apply what you have learned in the online tutorials. Thousand of tools you improve your website but it requires time and effort to make improvements every day. Below is the list you need to apply for your website for seo.

1.) Buy a domain name using .com always choose easy to spell and familiar words that your visitor can remember. Use only 10 to 15 words for your domain name. This will help your visitor remember and visit your website. You can buy a domain name in namecheap domain provider which costs 12 to 15 dollars. Don’t use other extension domains such as .net or .org and other alternative domain names.

2.) Always write original content with trending hot topics. Content is king if you can write amazing content people will share your website content links in social media and you will be rewarded with more back links entry. This will boost your website traffic. Practice writing fresh content every day or 2 to 3 content every week. The google will x-ray your content and if your content is all original then you will be added in the google search engine directory list.

3.) Add your business on google business map this will help you in your search engine on the first page. Make sure you update all the contents, images and videos. You need to post at least 2 to 3 posts every week. This will be visible to your google business map your product and services you are offering online.

4.) Add 30 second to 1 minutes overview video about your website so visitors will know about your website what you are selling your products and services.

5.) Use weebly or wordPress platform for your website which is user friendly and easy to be deployed online.

6.) Get involved in social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube , twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger and many more.

7.) Create a page on Facebook for your business name then schedule a post every 8 hours this gives you 3 posts every day. Schedule all your post every 2 to 4 month this help you leverage your time. Be consistent in your posting so you will get more followers and likes. Target 1095 post for 1 year will help you leverage your social media marketing.

8.) Use Twitter for your social media. Twitter is a powerful tool to spread-up your overview posting online. You can post messages and links using twitter 50 times every day. This will let your visitors know that your website has the latest hot news online. Share links, retweet and give comments. If you think the twitter information is useful then embed them in your website.

9.) To know more professionals in the market place you need to sign-up on LinkedIn so you will know real talented people who could help you booster your website online. Plenty of people you can get involve and share your business website. Post 2 to 5 times per week to be effective information sharing in social media. The people in your network can help make future connections, refer you for a job, provide advice.

10.) Get your team-up with collaboration tools like trello.com this will help you know your progress truck records. You need to collaborate as many people as you could to get involved with your website. This speed-up your business update. Find a qualified writer, editor, graphic artist, seo specialist and advice from the web developer this accelerate your website ideas to take action.

11.) Hire ghostwriter which can leverage your time in adding more content on your website. I list 4 recommended website upwork, Guru, Freelancer and hire writers. Price may vary in experience in each writer.

12.) Use software to know what you need to optimize in your website you can add-on plugins in your ( google chrome web store ) then search seo tools. Once you search in the tools you can grab the tools at the top of your toolbar this will accelerate your search engine. You will know the situation of your website strengths and weakness. All the seo tools will help you manage your website. Use tools that have already 4 to 5 star this means the tools are already proven.

13.) Your website needs to be updated daily or weekly using search engine optimization so all the content that you have created is not wasted. The search engine helps you promote your business and gets more leads. Most of the time when the website has no new fresh content it becomes dead and useless.

14.) Get visitors to subscribe in your email by giving them free weekly newsletter and update in your website. You can use the powr to leverage your time and design.

15.) Adding forums in your website to discuss more hot topics. This will create more traffic as this will be frequently asked questions and answer discussion. Comments are also filtered in the google search engine to add ranking in the website traffic and search.