35 Tips to remember maximizing search engine in google 35 Tips to remember maximizing search engine in google
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35 Tips to remember maximizing search engine in google

Clients complain when the rank decline and the website is nowhere to be found. So how can we solve this problem situation. Here are the best tips to help you master search operators for SEO:  Thinking query search and picks out blog posts that are written by specific individuals

Find indexation errors
Find non‐secure pages (non‐https)
Find duplicate content issues
Find unwanted files and pages on your site
Find guest post opportunities
Find resource page opportunities
Find sites that feature infographics… so you can pitch YOURS
Find more link prospects… AND check how relevant they are
Find social profiles for outreach prospects
Find internal linking opportunities
Find PR opportunities by finding competitor mentions
Find sponsored post opportunities
Find Q+A threads related to your content
Find how often your competitors are publishing new content
Find sites linking to competitors


Reminder of getting a Best Domain Name
Stick with .com. …
Use keywords. …
Keep it short. …
Make it easy to pronounce and spell. …
Keep it unique and brandable. …
Avoid hyphens. …
Avoid doubled letters. …
Leave room to expand.


The longer your domain name, the more likely a person is to forget the address or to make a mistake when typing. Think easy to remember to all readers even kids can spell easily. Here are some circumstances where using numbers may be a good idea in a domain name. An example is: 247ceburentacar.com , 24HourCars.com – Sometimes a number is…just a number, but it fits in a phrase.  24 Hour is common for both business names and terms that people search for

Customer can remember easy when numbers are easy to stick with numbers with meaning

Numbers and terms that contain numbers like 247, 360 and b2b have meaning much like words do. Think again easy number to remember 123 , 246 , 123