4 reasons why my website has no traffic 4 reasons why my website has no traffic
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4 reasons why my website has no traffic

Your website needs to be updated daily or weekly using the search engine optimization so all your content that you have created are not wasted. The search engine help you promote your business and gets more leads.

Most of the time when the website has no new fresh content it becomes dead and useless because new fresh website are popping up every single seconds. Which mean competition is very rough. Without adding new content to your website it just become dull and death.

Reason my website has no traffic.

1.)To much website you are maintaining.

2.)Luck of motivation to write.

3.)Laziness to think to write creative content.

4.)No vision and mission of the website which means you have no goal list for your website monthly.


1.)Do you update your website daily , weekly and monthly ?

2.) Do you give time in adding fresh content ?

3.)Do you optimize your content to the 1st page ranking ?

4.)Do you you want to outsource a writer and search engine optimization ?

Sometimes you feel your website is useless and it is time to deactivate. Sometimes you hate yourself and want to ask someone to help but nobody can listen the problem situation of your website.

If you have no energy and you plan to take action then you can outsource the task to us. We are happy and glad to help you . .

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