5G internet frequency is harmful to your body 5G internet frequency is harmful to your body
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5G internet frequency is harmful to your body

It is believed that the  5G frequency Towers Are More Dangerous. Advance science knows that the 5G frequency can cause more health issue problems for everyone. Base of science research the 5G cell towers are dangerous because of the shorter length of millimeter waves (MMV) bandwidth.

Below are the 10 list of factors that can damage our body:


-Cardiovascular system


-central nervous system

-Digestive system




-visual systems

-internal sound perception


In world war 3 the deployment of highest frequency will allow people get crazy and insane because the body cannot handle the maximum frequency tolerance being deployed. It will broke down the human brain. Just like you watch the movie of x-man. Science friction are now becoming into reality. If someone controls the 5G network it can also maximized it frequency into beyond human capacity and destroy the civilization of a country.  

Exposed to microwave radiation causing abnormal complaints were headache , fatigue , perspiring drowsiness , sleeplessness , depression , anxiety , forgetfulness and lack of concentration. The 5G target each individual citizen who are using the internet and around the environment that are commonly installed in designated area. .

This usually takes 5 years before a person can get the symptoms. Huge health crises and more people will be dying faster during the 5G internet process. The disease will not occur suddenly it is a process day by day until you get the disease. This is awakening during the transition of the 5G.

To stabilized the 5G signal this requires more and more installation throughout the countries so that connection interruption will be eliminated. This will give real time access thru business without delay.  

The trends of technology millions will be installed to get the 5G move faster in our information technology.


5G data transfer will offer a mere one-millisecond delay


One example of health problem:

Fire fighters get the symptoms of the 5G when they conducted a training to the near cell tower.

Memory problem and confusion during the drill exercise.


5G is coming even you don’t want in your environment in the global connection network. Y gig is 60 gig The secret of the global elite is to reduce the population and people are slowly dying because of the high frequency using the 5G. The 5G has spectrum radio frequency.

What spectrum 5g?

5G will use spectrum LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz). This damages the person DNA giving diseases as time goes on. The danger of 5G it is in the category of super high frequency capable of killing a person slowly and slowly. Creating more symptoms disease of the population.

In the United Stated it is predicted in the year 2025 almost 49% of the mobile will be soon using the 5G technology. The fear of using the 5G it can destroy the DNA of a person. It also give frequency changes of behavior and pattern of a person.

The 5G are funded by the elite  families in the world.

The fertility rate of the United States is down drastically one reason is the high frequency rate affecting man and woman due to WIFI high frequency.

How do we test the 4G and 5G frequency ? You will be using a devices tools for the measurement this is called the IMF for testing all the frequency you are using in your house or outside. This is useful to test if your location of your house or business has a high frequency most specially if you are living the antenna channels where high frequency can damage your DNA body.


BUY NOW this devices to know the test your location area. Safety is better than without any protection.


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