Coronavirus to centralized the world into cashless society Coronavirus to centralized the world into cashless society
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Coronavirus to centralized the world into cashless society

Global elite force people to use cashless worldwide due to the corona virus. Touching physical matter or money can easily spread out easily the corona virus. The solution use cashless system to transfer money. China now is transition to become a cashless country. This means global centralization  to convert whole country into one country and one world order. This may sound a fairy tale movie but time and place are take it offer into integration system. 

In the country Philippines we can see the promotion of the paymaya very powerful tool to use in your daily life with a cashless country to transfer money. Once it is fully successful it will again be ready to integrate globally this is called global digital integration into once currency. Time and time will change and money will be in a era of digital currency. 

Example is China Every time every one of those infected corona virus inside the atom of the  yuan money notes moves from hand to hand, it’s another infection the entire country.

We are now in the era that digital currency will fully be implemented due to the corona virus outbreak, IF the country has 100 billion of dollars being infected with the virus don’t tell me they need to sterilized all the money. The best solution move all the money into digital currency this is the best move to get the solution now. In the age of technology now all this this are possible and can be done. The question is when will it happened ? Maybe 10 to 20 years from now global currency will be converted into one centralized system.

The global elite will be the commander in all over the world government and money no one can buy or sell unless his money are all converted into digital currency. We are now in that era and the target date was 2020.  

Coronavirus cashless today so you don’t need to touch money who are infected with the coronavirus. Money will be cashless forcing everyone into digital currency who are controlled will the global elite.