How to improve your website traffic How to improve your website traffic
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How to improve your website traffic

This are the 3 ways to improve your website traffic. This are common practice to improve your website traffic.

1.)The important of search engine in your website can accelerate traffic your business website. This requires time to create your genuine content not just copy and paste mentality. Plenty of copy contents are created in the web but the google recognized if all you do is just copy and paste better to renovate the sequence of the contents to that the algorithm calculation of the ai ( artificial intelligences )  google content filter reads your contents.

2.)The hobby of writing your content is important to make improvement on your website. Reads love to read and visit your website if they are updated daily or at least you can write 3 content daily or even more. The more contents that are written  the better you make a big leap of changes to your website mutation level of intelligence just like reading dictionary where all the searches you want to read are easily find.

3.)The important of ghost writer help you leverage your time and give you creditation even you are not making by your own. Thousands of benefits in your website when your content are fresh and relevant to read. The more traffic the more business you can generate such as referrals and addon backlinks to your website.