OLX vs Lazada best ecommerce in Philippines , OLX vs Lazada OLX vs Lazada best ecommerce in Philippines
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OLX vs Lazada best ecommerce in Philippines

The increase number of buyer online has dramatically increase into 101% the  increase buyers online has exploded of opportunity of each individuals to buy cheaper price compare in the store. Now we begin at analysis who wins the market.

We begin first in OLX how do olx makes money online the company make money thru  advertising and google ads.  Example who  buy a primary ads is the company Property24 you can easily find the icon in the front page this means they are  paying advertising ads so that their company can be expose more online in realstate market. The website property24 has not yet fully expose to the market so in order to be recongized they need to get backlinks entry until so that they could get more users in their website and gain more traffic. When the website gain more traffic they can be independent in the marketplace. OLX has a strong brandname why because they buy the company sulit.com and ayosdito they buy millions of all users database which help them to expand the business even more as one of biggest company in the market. The business goes like this if you cannot win the business on your opponent then you had to buy them one at a time in order to control the market. We can also remember this in the history the google buy the youtube company then the google company expand their business massively in the global market place. Same as what we have seen what the OLX company do buy the sulit.com.ph and the ayosdito.

OLX , sulit and ayosdito before was in a strong competitiveness in the market place. Now OLX buy the 2 business gaint sulit and ayosdito. What will happend next in the future the Lazada will buy the OLX so they can control the market place in asia.  Remeber this that Amazon and ebay was slow to penetrate in the market in Asia. Know we have a big  company called Lazada in Asia who is gaining more control in the market in Philippines.  Most big company invest  alot of money if they know that you got a huge traffic going on your website. This is the strong strength of OLX in the marketplace. Lazada company in the future will get OLX so they will dominate in Asia market.

OLX is base on meetup and price negosiation both seller and buyer. Which means as a buyer you can be good in  negosiating skills. For seller who wants to release the item faster they need to mark down the prices.

OLX strenght is free to advertise as many as you could but with limitation entry. If you want to post more you need pay for the premium ads. But their is a loophole because you can use new sim card to post your free ads. You also be needing more mobilephone to use more new simcard. Price range of cheap mobile is 400 peso to 800 peso for basic level entry. Buy new sim card such as sun , globe , tm , smart and talk n txt most sim card cost only 50 peso. But if you don’t load your sim card will expire with in 3 to 6 month depend on the system settings PLDT and GLOBE.

For OLX to win the market they need to have an ecommerce business model platform that will help each individual seller to sell using online ecommerce system.


Most people living in Philippines are buying lazada because they offer cash on delivery. Which give the filipino to buy online without to pay unless the item is paid. Most of the sales percentage in lazada are cash on delivery why because most people are wants to be sure that they recieved the item first before they pay. Lazada was very flexible in knowing the cultural value of the pinoy. Meanwhile Amazon and ebay has no cash on delivery services which means closing the market to the filipinos who wants to buy online.

Lazada is operated with a big system in ecommerce while OLX are operated only with individual person which is more easy to negosiate the pricing. Lazada alone is fix price and big discount no negosiate. Lazada strenght is they are able to get big suppliers company helping them to mark down the price. The time frame of Lazada is slow between 3days fastest and longest time frame to wait is between 2 weeks. If ouside the country you had to wait for 30days no cash but has to pay on advances.

Lazada has a multiple market of products online from A to Z giving all visitors to choose the product they want at a cheapest price as possible.

Lazada and OLX  platform is friendly from mobile , desktop to any kind of electronic devices. Friendly in all your screen viewing

Lazada next move is to buy the OLX so they can acquire millions of people database giving the the strength to control the market in the Philippines and in in all Asia market. Next big and strongest they will face is the company Alibaba.