Palawan express vs paypal Palawan express vs paypal
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Palawan express vs paypal

Palawan Express is widely used all over in Philippines because all traffic territory has a branches Palawan express. Very say fast and affordable rate. The business time frame is Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. depending of the branch offices. Ask your nearest branch what time they open and close then get palawan sulit card to get small discount in every transcation. No need to be computer literate but need to be resident in Philippines. Only use in Philippines territory only. Very popular all over the Philippines. Reminder check your complete name to payment and received payment. The commission rate in Palawan express is estimated 1.5% to 2%. Lower compare to other pera padala in Philippines.

Meanwhile Paypal is only used for online payment. Need to integrate your bank account number and confirmation. Check your bank if they are listed in paypal list. Also take note that when you cash out needs 2 to 3 days before you can received payment in your bank. Commission rate of the paypal is 4.5% . Always double check your account number to insure you can received the payment safely.

Conclusion: To received local payment palawan express is stronger than paypal. For online transcation paypal is best way to pay online.