Philippine internet connection PLDT vs GLOBE ,Philippine internet connection speed Philippine internet connection PLDT vs GLOBE
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Philippine internet connection PLDT vs GLOBE

In the Philippines internet connection are monopolized with Globe and PLDT only two big company control the internet. I have heared alot of feedback on the customer that they internet are slow and not stable. Rainy season the internet connection in the Philipplines slow down and are unstable this happened many times.

I got a friend who change his PLDT internet  into GLOBE because of poor services provider of the PLDT he told me the customer services promise to fix with in the next 48 to 72 hours yet are not able to fix the internet connection. He was very discouraage so he change into GLOBE. Meanwhile as 6 month go by he has same problem with GLOBE no stable internet connection so he call the customer support to ask help to fix the internet connection same situation happend poor technical services and late.

Take note that bOth PLDT and GLOBE internet connection provider has a luck in period of 2 years so you have to make sure you continue in the contract even if you feel that you don’t like the services otherwise the corporate company has a effiecient lawyers that will file you a case with a interest of not paying your bills.

My recommendation is if you really want a stable internet connection you had to get both provider GLOBE and PLDT to keep your internet stable 24/7. The disadvantages you had to pay double to get tthe internet connection.

For business i strongly suggest get 2 provider specially your business are online so that your work continues without down time.  Unpredictable happened sometimes when PLDT has a down time of 48 to 72 hours without internet connection.  Your solution would be 2 get both provider.

Foriegn internet provider could not enter easily in the Philippines because the GLOBE and PLDT has a root connection in the higher government officials to monopolozied the market in the Philippines. If the market are monoplized with two big player it means they had to pay more taxes to the government officeials so they could continue control the marke.

How to get stable interntet connection in the Philippines ?
I recommend to avail both PLDT and GLOBE to stabilized your internet connection specially if you are in business depending in your internet connection.