Shopee vs carousell camparison Shopee vs carousell camparison
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Shopee vs carousell camparison

The website shopee has exploded with alot of traffic moving and going on this website. Shopee has more functionality for the users to post their products unlimited items since it is still in the process of stabalizing the technology. The strenght is in mobile ecommerce friendly interface where you can easily post all your products using your mobile. The photos can be easily adjust in any color mode you want. Also all photos ccan also be rotate clockwise  and counter clockwise. The technology still have bugs since the loading of your products sometime cannot be loaded easily . Due to heavy traffic and adjustment of the server capacity load. Products can only be uploaded 9 photos only. The platform need to give time to practice and understand before you can enjoy posting your items online. For people who are in stone age you need a person to assist you so you can learn the process how it is done. First try the basic then change into intermediate and advance level. The system has also auto pilot to guide you once you are updating from time to time. The commonly shipping use are LBC Express , 2go , jrs express and others. The stable platform for shipping is the LBC Express because they have online trucking number in realtime just like the fedex.

The website carousel is straight to the point simple and easy to navigate compare to shopee which has alot of functionality going on for the user interface. The carousel website is almost like olx base on meetup and negosiating the price with both parties beforeo the transcation is done.

Meanwhile for shopee price are fix so you can easily shop online. The carousel technology can only upload 4 photos which give the end users to post only the best photos to show the cleints. They have great functionality you can easily counterclock wise and clockwise mode setting for the picture to change the position. You can change the mode settings of your photos example that is very useful for watches is focus mode. This mode zoom the clear picture of your watch.Photos are well align in the center because they give you a alignment guideline before cropping the photos in a zoom mode. Most of all you have 4 photos to upload the loading time is more faster compare to shopee that you need to wait for a minutes before all products are display. Carousel still new in the market in Philippines so they give more privilage to the all new users who wants to explore and use the technology.

Carousel is a social media and ecommerce platform base on trust and negosiating skills in both parties. Sometimes when you upload your photos you will expereince bugs due to traffic in ther server side.

Both of them are still new in the market the shopee and carousel once they get a millions of users the interface settings will be change and need payment of each customer to get premier account this is commonly done in the business market as for now you can enjoy the free acounts.  Join now and leverage your business tools online to sell anything in the media market.

Carousel is easy to sell online or what we call user friendly.

The shopee has advance level to customized your products before you could sell. You need to spend time and familiaried the functionality before you can really enjoy the free ecommerces.