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Voice Quality So Good and very clear

All OBi devices employ state-of-the-art voice encoding and decoding technology, as well as advanced speech optimization techniques to ensure that you can enjoy high quality conversations with every call. Our OBi1000 series desktop IP phones for example, are the first generally available desktop VoIP phones to support OPUS audio technology.

Obihai’s innovative implementation of OPUS allows the OBi phone to work seamlessly with normal and ultra-high quality HD audio streams, giving you the best audio experience. Even though Obihai devices function great in almost any Internet network environment, a lack of available bandwidth can affect the quality of a call, so having a good quality broadband connection will always be required for great call quality. With an OBi phone or VoIP adapter, the call quality you experience today can be far-superior than anything you may have experienced before. And with our California-based development team working constantly to improve what’s already great, we are able to pave the way for even better conversations in the future.

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