Website marketing questions and diagnose Website marketing questions webdesign and seo
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Website marketing questions webdesign and seo

Think big about asking intelligently in your website marketing questions. This are the key examples yo need to ask to your clients. Below are the guideline questions that will help you improve your website dramatically. Need assistance sent as an email or call us.


Is your website designed to attract customer as well as search engines? (For the Website design)

1. You should have a quality and updated website.
2. Your website content should be unique and genuine.
3. Your website should be mobile responsive.
4. Your website should load faster.
5. Your website should have the relevant content to the search keywords.
6. Your website should have a proper call to action option.

Are you counting on your search engine ranking (SEO)? Search Engine Optimization

1.Your website may not be search engine friendly due to technical errors.
2. You may have the wrong keywords for your business.
3. Due to lack of quality and authorized links will damage your ranking.
4. Lack of content will push off your website from top ranking.
5. Most importantly if your website is not mobile responsive.
6. Social media interaction and updates will boost your search engine ranking.

Have you ever tried Google AdWord(PPC) program for instant traffic ?

– 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an Item online.
-Google AdWord Provides First Page Exposure On The Top Of The Most Popular Search Engines
-It Provides Immediate Traffic
-It Provides Consistent Traffic
-It Provides Targeted Traffic
-It Allows You To Reach More People
-It Allows You To Have Geo-Targeted Ads
-If you plan to have a further discussion on above option then we will be happy to initiate a further discussion.

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